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    Better yourself to better your business

    It's Better Waxed® started over 3 years ago as a place for Will Russell (founder) to further his education on detailing.  This was the first year of running his own detailing shop in New York. The years prior he managed his mobile detailing business, but wanted a fixed location to focus on paint correction and more advanced detailing.

    It all started as a blog formerly known as detailersbox dot com.  At this site, the goal was to write about detailing topics, products, and techniques. There is no better way to learn than to teach. If you can teach a topic, you can master a topic, and mastering detailing was his ultimate goal.

    As the blog expanded, he ran into one major issue. How do the users get to learn themselves? Hands on learning is crucial in a hands on industry such as detailing. This sparked the concept to get product samples into the hands of every reader. This sparked the idea for the detailer's sampler box. A service that has recently became a trend in the industry, but few can match the service and quality of the It's Better Waxed detailer's box.

    Where did "It's Better Waxed" come from?

    The idea for the name, It's Better Waxed, was actually started as a T-Shirt slogan for Xclusive Autoworks Inc. Xclusive Autoworks is the local detailing studio ran by Will Russell (founder).  In the search for a catchy, noticeable, and slightly comical slogan, It's Better Waxed was 1 of 5 different designs. When making a few shirts friends and family, this shirt stood out the most. Literally everywhere you go when wearing this shirt you will spark a conversation, get looks, and get pictures taken by random people. It was the perfect form of viral advertisement for the company. After selling hundreds of shirts to local friends, family, and clientele, these shirts are now available for sale to anyone.

    Stay in Touch

    Interaction and communication is what means the most to us.  Join us in conversations on Facebook, email me if you ever have any detailing related questions. Or to further stay in touch with the It's Better Waxed team and members, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!