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    The automotive detailing industry is competitive, aggressive, but most importantly rewarding.  Whether you are your own boss or an entrepreneur trying to make a name for yourself or just an employee working under another detailer, you are still an artist.  Detailers are craftsmen in their trait and it’s a skill that will always need constant improvement and education. You wouldn’t want your doctor to get his degree and then never practice any surgery or techniques for the next 20 years right? Detailers succeed through constant education.

    It’s cliche, but education is the key to success for detailers.

    You can join 100’s of other members who subscribe to the monthly detailer’s box subscription.  Our boxes are packed out every month with premium detailing products that we promise will not only work,  but impress you. 

    Every product in every box is reviewed and carefully documented.  It’s Better Waxed is here to educate you and save you money.  You think this may not be enough detailing products for you? Many samples we provide are not just ready to use (RTU) but highly concentrated formulas which can make gallons of usable product.  We are here to save you money if you detail for your own enjoyment, and to make you money if you are a professional.

    Learn something new

    Many of our product suppliers are brands who focus manufacturing products to a very specialized group. These are not products you can get in your car, drive down the block, and purchase from a local automotive store. These are not products you will find your next door neighbor cleaning their car with.

    These are products that have 1000′s of hours of product testing and 1000′s of hours of redesigning. Every box is designed for you and we want feedback from you. Our website is designed to allow members to post their input or questions. Like we said before, education is our goal.

    We so what are you waiting for? Learn something new.

    No annoying contracts

    Our website and our knowledge is available for you to see any time of the day. You can research the products, read our reviews, and study our techniques for FREE. We provide the samples, at a much lower cost than purchasing them, as a complimentary gift to our readers.

    But if you choose to cancel your subscription, we will miss you, but we will not hold it against you. You may sign back up at any time and cancel at any time (for the most part.) Please always read our legal mojo first. There are no contracts, you may cancel at anytime. Accounts cancelled prior to the after the 7th of the current month, but prior to the 7th of the next month, will receive their final box the next month.

    Boxes are shipped, and charges collected, on the 15th of every month. So let's say you subscribed August 8th, you will be too late for the August box, but will be on target for our September box. Any questions simple ask or email us at any time.

    High quality detailing products

    Featuring top shelf detailing brands such as HD Car Care, Optimum Polymer Technologies, CarPro USA, Americana Car Care, EcoTouch, C.A.R. Products, and more!

    Wanted to try one of their products but couldn’t justify spending $100′s of dollars on something that might not impress you? Sign up for our monthly detailer's sampler box and save today! Each box comes with members only discounts to save even more if you love the product. And we know, you will love them!

    Other companies may send you random detailing products that may not even be any good. Or better yet, they will send you generic products that you have no use for or have already tried. It's Better Waxed takes pride in every box and we carefully select every months selection to meet our members needs and wants.

    Click here to become a better detailer.