Complete CarPro Sampler Kit

CarPro sample kit all products

Want to try every product that CarPro has to offer? This complete CarPro sampler kit comes with the ENTIRE CarPro sample product line. All of the detailing products offered in sample sizes by CarPro will be included in this package. With enough product to be able to perform a few details and the opportunity to try them all, this kit is perfect as a gift for DIY-ers or professionals looking to expand their reach.

This kit includes all of the following products:

  1. HydroFoam
  2. P.E.R.L. Dressing
  3. Reset
  4. TarX
  5. Iron-X
  6. CQuartz Fabric
  7. Reflect Polish
  8. Spotless
  9. Inside
  10. Iron-X Snowfoam
  11. Reset
  12. Hydro2
  13. Reload

Sizes vary from roughly 2oz-4oz

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