Paint Correction Starter Pack

Scholls S3 CarPro Essence Reflect Paint Correction KIt

A mix of compounds and polishes for every job

As a professional detailer myself, I know how important it is to have a diverse selection of compounds and polishes available. Not every polish works in every situation and the same goes for compounds. Sometimes you need a little less bite, or a maybe a compound that breaks down rather than stays aggressive. Or in some situations, paint readings are so low, it's not safe to compound. This combination of products is designed specifically to work in nearly all correction situations.

Scholl Concepts S3 XXL is one of the best compounds on the market. It cuts astronomically well but also can finish down on extremely soft paints such as Porsche.

CarPro Reflect is one of the easiest to use and glossiest final polishes on the market. It's easy to use, cuts well when paired with a microfiber cutting pad, but also can finish well when paired with a finishing pad. This will be the most used product in your arsenal.

Finally, CarPro Essence will get the job done when no other product can either finish or you are in a situation where durable fillers are necessary. Such as thin paint or collectors car where cutting paint is out of the question.

This kit includes the following:

  • 250g Scholl Concepts S3 XXL
  • 500ml CarPro Reflect
  • 8oz CarPro Essence
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