Give a shirt, get a shirt!

May 01, 2016 William Russell

Want a free It's Better Waxed T-Shirt? is all about education, sharing knowledge, and experience. Through our monthly Detailer's Box, members get to further their knowledge and experience in the detailing industry without having to guess what products to buy. The entire service is based around our members, and we wanted to give back to you.

Do you want a free It's Better Waxed T-Shirt? Well you can get one this month. But we want something in return.
We want one of your shirts.

Sooo... how do I get a free shirt?

We need one of your detailing companies shirt. I'm a medium by the way.

Email us at with the title "Free T Shirt Swap"

In the email, please include your size, preferred color, and shipping information.

We will return the email with our shipping information to ship the shirts to. When we receive your shirt and only when we receive your shirt, we will send you one of ours. :)

It's that easy.

I'd do anything for you guys, even give the shirt off my own back.

- Will Russell


Oh, and the giveaway ends May 31st. If we are out of stock of the specific shirt you ordered, we will place one large order of shirts and yours will ship latest of the 31st.



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