Top 3 Methods to Improve your SEO an Auto Detailer

November 06, 2015 William Russell

Want to improve your rankings?

As a professional detailer, you are not just a detailer, but many times you are also a businessman (or woman), salesman, bookkeeper, web designer, graphic designer, parent, etc.  You become every role that you need to be to get the job done. Ranking well on Google and other search engines becomes a tedious task full of myths, legends, and completely wrong advice. After my years of learning the basics of SEO for my detailing company, I realized that this information and these following tricks have greatly helped me in my search for optimization.

1. Create a Google+ business listing

This one is pretty simple. Just visit this link on Google then click the button that says "Get on Google." This will walk you through the process of adding your business to Google and verifying your business. You can then begin adding your information, pictures, posts, etc. I recommend getting everything exactly the same way you see it in your website and other listings. Keep this information exactly the same on all sites. Website, phone number, and your business name. Keep it all the SAME. It will help. A lot.

2. Start a blog on your detailing business website

What website platform are you running on? Most will allow users to add a blog. If you are running a Wordpress website, you already are running a blog and this makes it much easier to begin posting. Hosts like GoDaddy and StableHost also make it very easy for you to add a blog to your site. Begin posting basic and local conversations about detailing, detailing tips, maintenance tips for your clients, and posts about vehicles you detailed. Don't blog just to blog. Google recognizes spams and keyword spamming. Just be honest, be truthful, and be useful.

3. Start writing on more detailing forums

Add links to your profile, your information, and your signature back to your website. Don't be spammy, just include your company name and/or location. This is simple and can be effective for bringing in new business. Plenty of amateurs and DIY-ers are on forums and many soon learn some things are better left to professionals. They will then seek you out on forums and if they've seen your name floating around often, they may give you a call. Visit forums like DetailingBliss, Autopia, etc. Do not spam your links or posts. Some forums will shun you.


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