3D HD Touch Waterless Wash

December 02, 2015 William Russell

The easiest to use Waterless Wash and Detail Spray

3D HD Touch is an easy to use, high gloss, waterless wash that also can be used as quick detailer. HD Touch is safe for virtually all surfaces with it's unique blend of hydrophobic nano-polymer wetting agents it also leaves behind an extremely glossy and slick finish. HD Touch is also safe to use as a clay bar (or clay towel) lubricant that will make your detailing jobs easier and more efficient.

I've personally tested out HD Touch on every surface, besides fabric upholstery, and have found fantastic results across the board.  It's safe for quick interior dusting, interior plastics, door jams (as shown in the picture below, wheel wells, engine compartments, and rims. I like to use HD Touch as a quick detailer after I finish my details. It works well to get small spots I may have missed on the wheels or door jams at the end of the detail.

3D HD Touch waterless wash and quick detailer

How to Use 3D HD Touch

Shake well before use, it's RTU so it may separate

Using 3D HD Touch as a quick detailer

  1. Spray a light mist onto your towel and the surface
  2. Wipe panel clean and buff with the other side of the towel

Using 3D HD Touch as a Waterless Wash

  1. Work in extremely small sections, presoaking each section one at a time. Allow dirt to emuslify in HD Touch
  2. Spray a mist onto your towel and gently wipe away 1-2ft section. Then flip to a fresh side of the towel and repeat the above process




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