Son1c Wax Proto Dress

December 10, 2015 William Russell

Easy to use/versitile dressing

Son1c Wax is notorious for home-made, high quality, carnauba waxes. Designed and manufactured right in Virginia, Son1c Wax is one of the few home-brew detailing start ups still in existence. Son1c Wax Proto Dress is the new dressing designed for plastics and rubbers but doesn't leave any greasy finish. I tested Proto Dress on two rubber and vinyl surfaces and enjoyed the ease of application and minimal grease.

Applying Son1c Proto Dress

How to apply Proto Dress

  1. Prepare surface by cleaning with your prefered All Purpose Cleaner
  2. I apply by spraying or dripping Proto Dress on a microfiber towel
  3. Work gently into surface and wipe off excess with other side of towel

Son1c Proto Dress

Here you can see a 50/50 of Proto Dress on my plastic rockers. It gave them a slight satin sheen with absolutely no greasy feel and no stickiness which can then attract more dirt and look worse in a day.


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