Safely Removing Snow from your Car

January 23, 2016 William Russell

Want to remove snow without scratching your paint?

Some of the most serious damage a detailer see's is the swirling, scratching, and marring induced from improper car care.  Swirls, marring, scratching, are all caused from some sort of contact against the clear coat. This can include but not be limited to wiping down, removing bird droppings, removing snow, or even improper washing and drying.  Some of the worst scratches that I have personally seen were caused by removing snow. But here are two tips for effectively removing snow from your car without scratching or damaging your paint.

 TIP:  CQuartz UK topped with Reload will make snow and ice removal much easier!


Removing snow by hand safely

One method to remove snow in a pinch and don't have the proper tools is to use a typical snow brush and a paint-safe microfiber towel.  These are two tools most people have on hand during a storm and does not require any special tools, tricks, or extra time. The process is simple. Just wrap your snow brush in a paint safe microfiber towel, then gently push the snow off of your vehicle. But try not to make direct contact to the paint, rather push the chunks of snow off the surface. The video below quickly demonstrates how to clean snow off your car without scratching.

Removing snow without ever touching your paint

The second method, which I prefer to use, requires no contact to the paint. No contact, means no scratching. No scratching means no swirling. So this method is absolutely the best, but requires you to be prepared with the proper tools and also requires you to practice safety and caution. This unorthodox method requires you to have a cordless Leaf Blower, such as this one which is affordable and easy to use.

Removing snow without touching:

  1. Charge your cordless leaf blower prior to snowstorm
  2. Do not warm up your car yet.
  3. Blow off snow in sections working from top to bottom
  4. Some snow will stick, don't worry, it will then melt
  5. Start and warm up your car
 TIP:  Water and electric DON'T MIX. Be careful and do not do this when wet or still snowing.


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